Teaching & Learning

HPS is a caring school, with a team of dedicated professionals who are here to ensure that the children get the most from their education. Every member of staff is committed to providing the children with a happy, well-disciplined environment where all children can make the most of every learning opportunity offered to them.

School governors meet regularly and have general oversight of the school, approving all policies.

The whole school curriculum is carefully planned to create a challenge to all children and to give continuity and progression through their career at Hornton. Building upon previous successful experience, children become more confident and independent in their learning.  

Full details of the curriculum can be found in the ‘Curriculum Plans’ page. 

Organisation varies according to the number of children in each year group. It is important to be flexible in order to accommodate the varying needs of individual children.

The school presently has 4 mixed age group classes. We currently employ six teaching assistants who are allocated to classes according to the needs of the children.

Special Needs

The Governing Body’s policy on children with special educational needs aims to ensure that individual children’s needs are quickly identified and steps are taken to meet them, to ensure consistency and continuity through the use of the Code of Practice’s staged approach, and to further develop liaison and partnership with parents at all stages of the code.

Children experiencing learning difficulties are generally supported by the class teacher who differentiates the tasks to the ability of the child. Children receive additional help from Teaching Assistants. However, some children need a little more support and we have an expert special needs teacher to withdraw groups of children for extra help.

Able Children

Hornton Primary School has many years of experience teaching the more able and provision for them is firmly embedded in the day-to-day lessons taught. Every class has a group of more able learners who are working at the National Curriculum level above that expected for their age group. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that all able learners achieve their potential. A number of year 5 and 6 pupils are taught in extension groups for English and pupils across the school are set in ability groups for maths. Hornton’s results are above the National Average.


Homework is an integral part of the curriculum for all children especially in the school. It fosters independence and good study habits which will be essential when children begin their Secondary School career.

Homework involves reading, learning spellings and tables, mathematics and literacy. The class teachers may ask children to complete a certain task at home or collect some information on a subject they are studying.

The children receive a formal homework timetable which may be sent home to parents. The homework is not meant to exclude all else but we do ask for your support to help your child organise his/her homework around the other activities they enjoy.