School Improvement

School improvement drives everything that we do. The strategic school improvement team comprises the Headteachers from each MAT school. Headteachers from schools planning to join the MAT are co-opted onto the team so that they begin collaborating on school improvement whilst undergoing conversion. These schools are also able to take part in all MAT inset and CPD programmes.

Headteachers provide support for:

  • Sharing and comparison of data
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Intervention
  • CPD delivery
  • Specialist tracking support
  • Teaching and learning support
  • Curriculum development

Further expertise is provided by external SIPs and a primary and secondary consultant. The school improvement model is based upon collaboration and our model enables us to respond quickly to local and national issues. By developing key issue based hubs, staff across all our schools are able to work collectively and collaboratively, thus saving time and resources. The changing nature of these hubs also enables us to build capacity through up-skilling key staff.

We undertake annual peer reviews in each school. This involves the CEO, members of the senior leadership team in both schools, members of the host school local governing body and our primary or secondary consultant. The host school sets three priorities from their SEF and the team work together to review practice. This process has proved highly effective in establishing areas of best practice that we can share, and areas for development that we can support. From this we produce a development plan to include joint CPD, partnership working, moderation, joint planning, reciprocal visits etc.

Our approach to school improvements has enabled significant rapid and sustained improvements in all our schools and has been highly praised in all recent Ofsted inspections.