Rowan Class

Mrs Flower and Mrs Davis

Welcome to our class page. 

Please feel free to catch me at the beginning or end of the day if you have any questions/queries. 

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Useful information

One fifth of children in this country are unable to leave when they leave primary school. (Read On, Get On campaign, 2015). To be able to read for meaning, children need to be able to do three things: decode words they come across (phonics), understand the meaning of these words in context, and comprehend - understand what is being read.  These skills impact across every subject, including mathematics, where children are increasingly required to explain and justify their thinking in response to a question.  For this reason, our new approach to homework (from September, 2017) focuses on reading skills and we would ask for parents to support us with this approach. For further guidance on how parents can support children with this, please refer to our study plans, which are produced for parents, each term.

Maths, across the school, is very hands-on. The use of resources and images to support our thinking is actively encouraged, as the ability to explain oneself in a range of ways is a great way to evidence children's understanding. For more information about mathematics, and how we teach this at HPS, please visit the curriculum section of this website. For further detail about the approach in Rowan class, each term, please refer to our study plans.

English (reading and writing)/ Topic work
To support children's developing love of reading, we use stories to deliver the English curriculum and associated topic-based work. With a learning objective that focuses on punctuation and grammar in English, we successfully use stories to 'hook' the class as readers, writers, historians, geographers and scientists. It is not unusual for us to write in multiple genres over the course of a term as the plot of our class text unfolds, and for this to manifest itself in beautiful artwork that is commonly on display in Rowan class.

PE takes place on a Monday, and has a different focus each term. We are fortunate to have the support of a PE specialist each week, who works alongside Mrs. Flower to deliver engaging and progressive lessons for all children. For more information about our PE focus, each term, and information regarding what to wear, please refer our study plans for the relevant term.

Dates for your diary - Terms 1 and 2
18th - 22nd September - Residential
27th September - Acting workshop (morning) at The Mill, Banbury
3rd October - Whole-school photograph
5th October - Harvest Festival (pm)
6th - 7th November - Parent Teacher Evenings
23rd November - Romeo and Juliet, The Mill, Banbury 
14th December - KS2 Carol Concert

Study plans
Term 1 and 2 - Tudor history