Rowan Class

Mrs Flower and Mrs Davis

Welcome to our class page. 

Please feel free to catch me at the beginning or end of the day if you have any questions/queries. 

My email address is, but please bear in mind that I will not monitor this outside of school hours.

Useful information

Homework will be set on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday.  Weekly homework tasks will relate to activities in class, providing children with the opportunity to apply their learning independently of an adult. Other work will support curriculum objectives and broader aspects of learning, such as mathematical thinking.  If children are struggling with the homework, Mrs Flower will be available to help during Break on a Tuesday.

Maths - SATs booster work, Year 5 'Vidamins', 5/6 puzzles
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PE takes place of an afternoon, although the day will be weather dependent.  For this reason,please ensure that PE kits are available throughout the week.. In the event that your child does not have a suitable kit, a letter will be sent home to confirm missing items.Please see the letter to parents, here.


Term 4
View the Rowan Class Topic Map, here.

Term 3 
As with all good things, they must come to an end, but even so, we thought we would squeeze another term's worth of Spy work into our year.  From launching missiles on the playground to earning our Spy-ID cards, this term provides another fun-filled, curriculum rich range of activities. See the Rowan Class Topic Map here.

Following a great visit to Junior Citizens in Oxford, on 25th January, Year 6 ventured off to The Story Museum for an inspiring afternoon of English. See some of our funny photos from The Story Museum, below:



Term 2
This term's topic is all about spies - the world of subterfuge and covert operations.  This is a great topic and one that lends itself to significant work around PSHE ideas such as team work, resilience and focus. Find out more by reading the Rowan Class Topic Map here.

Our trip to a top-secret location in Northampton was a great success, and demonstrated the burgeoning skills of our first recruits at Hornton. We intend to continue our training in Term 3, as there still much to learn and many missions still to complete - not least of which is our ability to go unnoticed when testing out new gadgets (notice the periscopes and the Spy who got caught, on camera!).

Term 1
Our topic this term was'Superhero or Hero?'.  You can find Rowan Class's Topic Map here

Week commencing 19th September:

This week saw us producing a sustained, final piece of writing explaining the many virtues of the human heart, as part of our scientific work around 'Animals, including humans'.

Week commencing 26th September:
Is there a natural link between bread and Maths? Rowan class can confirm that it's possible to learn all about the value of decimals, using the CPA approach (concrete, pictoral and abstract) using nothing more than a humble loaf and Base Ten blocks. Special thanks goes to Mrs Davis who managed to cut a slice of bread into exactly 100 pieces: who knew that looking at hundredths could be quite so tasty?

Week commencing 3rd October
Supporting our explanation texts, we have built models of the heart to demonstrate how it works. We made a simple pump that replicated the way that blood is pumped through the heart. We included a valve, which is used to separate the blood as it moves through heart's chambers. Our creations culminated in some interesting discussion around why some worked better than others, proving that Science is all about seeing, talking and doing.