Pastoral Care

Should any member of staff be concerned about a child’s education or wellbeing they will consult parents initially to arrange an appointment to discuss the problem and together a decision will be made about whether that child would benefit from further support.

Similarly, we ask that parents contact the school to discuss any issues they may have regarding their child’s life at Hornton so that these can be resolved quickly.

An Open School and Security

Hornton prides itself on being an ‘open’ school but we must balance this with being a ‘safe’ school. All entrances to the school buildings are fitted with security code panels. Visitors must call at the School Office where advice, help and assistance can be given. All visitors must sign the Visitors’ Book and are given a Visitor’s Badge so that everyone knows that the person is a welcome guest of the school.

Keeping Our Children Safe

Our duty is to keep all children safe at all times whilst they are in school. If we have any concerns about a child’s safety we will immediately contact either parents or the relevant agency to keep that child safe. The school operates Oxfordshire’s Child Protection Procedures, which gives guidelines as to the procedures to be taken if any child appears to be in danger. The Executive Headteacher and Chair of Governors have been trained in Safer Recruiting which strengthens and safeguards against employing unsuitable people in schools. The Governors ensure that all employees have been Police checked and hold an Enhanced Criminal Records Clearance certificate. We also expect volunteers who work in school on regular basis to undergo these checks too.

Moral, Spiritual, Social & Cultural Development

We believe that this is a very important part of a child’s development and is implicit in much of the work we do at Hornton. Moral development is encouraged by example and discussion. Spiritual development is often illustrated through R.E. and Personal, Social & Health Education lessons. Social development is encouraged through all classroom interaction. We believe in celebrating both our own culture and those of other nations. All moral, spiritual, social and cultural development is an integral part of the school assembly and of the school’s whole ethos.


The school encourages its pupils to be considerate of others who are less fortunate than themselves and we therefore run a number of charity fundraising events. These take various forms, from mufti days, to cake sales, and they are always enthusiastically supported by the children. This year we have already raised over £200 for charity.

Children with Disabilities

We have disabled toilet facilities and ramps to classrooms for wheelchair access. All children, regardless of disability or special need, will be admitted to the school as long as facilities can be provided to meet their needs for an efficient education. The school has drawn up an Accessibility Plan, the aim of which is to ensure that the required facilities for any pupil or member of staff can be addressed.

Medication & First Aid

Our office staff and the deputy headteacher are willing to administer medication to children if necessary during the school day. Should parents require them to do so, clear instructions must be provided on the appropriate form, which parents can collect from the school office, giving details of the dosage and time it should be administered. This should be handed to the office staff or the deputy headteacher together with the medication. No medication will be given without parental consent and no child is allowed to keep medicines with them during the day. If a child requires an inhaler, these are kept by the child’s teacher.