Our Values - Humility, Perseverance, Self-Belief

Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience.

Every individual and every school is involved in making decisions every day. The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose; to help become better learners and people and they drive us ‘to leave the jersey in a better place’

Our values make us who we are and drive what we do and can be summed up in three words;

Humility –

Humility is about us being humble enough to know that we can always improve what we do. We must never be too big to do the small things that need to be done; we must always remember to ‘sweep the sheds’.

Perseverance –

We know that even when learning becomes really hard and challenges us, we must keep going. By finding alternative solutions to problems that seem huge and by working together, we build character and develop a sense of whanau; extended family.  We must always find ways of incrementally getting better; to focus on continual improvement because ‘Champions Do Extra’

Self-Belief –

We must believe in ourselves and believe that we can be successful in whatever we put our minds too. We must always keep a ‘blue head’; the optimal state in which we are always on task and performing to the best of our abilities.