Our Kilvrough Blog

Monday 23 May

Our first day at Kilvrough!

We arrived at school at 6 o’clock and loaded our cases onto the bus. Then we set off.

It took us 5 hours and 30 minutes to arrive at Kilvrough as we had to pick up Thomas Reade school in Abingdon on the way. We also stopped at a service station to go to the toilet.

When we arrived we ate our lunch and pulled our cases up a loooooong flight of steps to our dormitories, where we unpacked and made our beds. We got into our activity groups and met our instructors, who we will be spending the rest of the week with. They gave us tours of the building, which is like a maze, and we chose our dinner menu.

For the rest of the day we did team building activities like climbing over trees, with help from friends, and rope and wire courses.

We then went to our dormitories, showered and generally relaxed before the duty group had to go to the kitchen to lay the tables for dinner.

The duty group has to lay the tables, serve the food and eventually, after eating themselves, and clear up the tables.

Next was our evening activity, we did a bit of orienteering and map reading to help us find our way around the grounds and house and so we find getting around easier later in the week.

Last of all we went to our dormitories to get ready for bed and then sleep.

See you on day 2!!

By Duty group 1: Ben, Jemma, Keenan, Tilly, Freddie and Harriet

Tuesday 24 May 

Day 2!

Today, we all woke up really early bursting with anticipation to do our first real activity. As we headed down to breakfast, we could smell the amazing aroma of the sausage baps. After that, we all split up into our different activity groups.

Group E (with Mr Green)


When we got into the cave, it was pitch black. But, when we turned on our head lights, we could actually see the cave ahead.

This was a very claustrophobic experience for most of us because most of us hadn't been caving before. As we approached the light of the tunnel, we had to go to the flowing stream to get to the exit.

Group D (with Miss Ross and Mrs Davis)

When we arrived at the beach, we put on our equipment and Ed (our instructor) gave us a demonstration of how to climb up and then abseil down.

Jack was brave enough to go first (and nailed it). After some time, some people climbed up and abseiled down with a blindfold on.  Jessie, Marnie and Megan all went flying on the ledge. After some time, we all climbed to the top of the cliff and one by one, abseiled down. We finished the day by playing in the sea.

By Emilia, Archie, Jack, Rory, Chloe and Oliver


Wednesday 25 May

 07.15 We heard a bang on the door, and guess who it was-Mr Green who woke up the boys. Because we were on duty, we had to go down stairs at 07.45 and prepare breakfast. (IT’S A HARD JOB)

Group E (Mr Green’s group)


We started at the top and abseiled down. Then we had a play on the sand whilst Piers (our instructor) got the ropes ready for us to climb! He had set up three climbs for three groups to climb the rock. After we had done all of the three climbs, we played in the sand again.

Group D (Miss Ross and Mrs Davis' group)


We arrived at the canal after a 40 minute drive in the mini bus. We did some practice, had lunch, and then we went for a long canoe ride. When got to the end where we turned and made a raft out of 3 canoes and we rowed back.

See you tomorrow!

By Finlay, Emma, Ben, Charlie and Megan  

Thursday 26 May


Friday 27 May