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  •  Our Forest School sessions, for pre-school and reception children, will restart on Tuesday 25th September 2018 - Don't forget your wellies!! 

Classroom routines

  • Could each child please bring a named water bottle in to school. We will rinse and fill the bottles every morning with fresh drinking water, sending them home on Fridays for a good clean.
  • Could we please ask that the children leave their toys (and personal items not needed at school) at home. It is important that the children are open to exploring and engaging with the learning opportunities that are on offer to them in the classroom.
  • Please could book bags be brought in to school every day (if you haven't yet obtained one please see Jenny in the office).
  • The children will be having their PE session every Monday. PE kits can stay on the children’s pegs and will be sent home at half term.
  • (I am sure I don’t really need to say this, but I will anyway!!) Please please please can you ensure that every item of clothing (within reason) has your child’s name on it. You would not believe the bundle of blue jumpers, cardigans and PE kit that need reuniting with their owners every day.

Plans for learning

Please click Term 1 plan 2018/19

                     Term 2 plan 2018/19


About Orchard class


How we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage

In line with current Early Years thinking, we believe, through play, children learn many skills and concepts, enabling them to begin to make sense of the world around them. Through our carefully planned play environment, children are able to use language to express thoughts and feelings in real life and play situations, make choices and decisions and use all their senses to explore, investigate and problem solve. Using what they are learning, children are supported to practice their skills, test their theories and build on what they already know.

In an environment that respects and values the thoughts, ideas and input of every child, children feel confident to take risks in their learning and try new things. Through being positively encouraged to follow their own thoughts and ideas, children are truly motivated to learn, create and be creative, developing the skills and characteristics needed to become lifelong effective learners.

For more information about the EYFS - Click here

Outside play

Brain research shows that young children benefit immensely from having the opportunity for outdoor play, enabling them to develop the skills needed for balance, co-ordination, speed management and safety, all suggested as fundamental to shaping children’s thought processes and future learning capabilities. Having the space and opportunity to practice large physical movements is crucial for children to develop of the fine motor skills needed for writing. The children in Orchard Class have access to our outside learning environment throughout the day.

Our day

During the morning session there is a strong focus on Phonics and Maths. Adult initiated learning opportunities are presented both within the inside and outside environments to compliment the planned adult lead activities. This is further supported by opportunities for children to engage in child initiated activities to consolidate and build upon what they have learnt and develop new lines of enquiry.

The afternoon session is used flexibly to allow us to explore our discussion point, follow children’s interests and support individual children’s learning needs.

Working with parents

In Orchard Class we are committed to working closely with parents to ensure that every child's learning opportunities are optimised both in school and at home. Each child’s development is carefully monitored to ensure that learning is progressing across all seven areas of learning and that they are developing the skills, strategies and attitudes necessary to become effective learners throughout school and beyond. We are available everyday if there is something you wish to let us know about your child. Your child's learning folder is available in the classroom at all times, please pop in at the end of the day to have a look. We will share learning photos through your child's hub, please feel free to comment, ask questions and upload your own photos, we are very interested in what your child is learning at home.

Karen Locke can also be contacted through your child's hub or email at k.locke@hornton.oxon.sch.uk


As well as many opportunities for Physical Development across the week, Orchard Class children will have a specific PE session on Monday mornings. Wherever possible, PE will take place outside, please ensure your child's PE kit is in school for this session and contains long sport trousers and a jumper/fleece in the colder weather.

Supporting learning at home

In Orchard Class, we place great value in the work you do at home supporting your child’s learning. We do not set homework as such, but very much appreciate your help in supporting your child’s phonetic skills. Each week, information regarding what your child is learning in phonics, will be sent home in their book bag. Reading with your child and helping them with their new sounds or words will have a huge impact on the speed at which their literacy skills develop. On top off the daily reading opportunities that occur within our learning environment, we aim to listen to your child read on a one to one basis every week. Having opportunities to read to another adult at home, on a one to one basis, will, of course encourage learning at a brisker pace.


Hornton Primary School follows the Read Write Inc phonics programme to developing early reading and writing skills. Children in Orchard Class have a phonics session everyday

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