Keeping HPS Green

We are trying to be more proactive about how to become more ‘GREEN’ at Hornton Primary School.

Here are a range of things we are doing; there are also a few things which you can help with too (keep reading below)!


Our wildlife area is nearing completion. A massive thank you to the PTA for their generous donation to enable us to restore the wildlife area. A big thank you must also go to Mrs Winter and Rufus for taking the time to install the pond liner, stones and provide chippings to surround the area. In addition, thank you to Mr Hillman for more recently providing some of the levels to our habitat stack. Thank you to Chris Woodcock (local villager) who has recently offered her time to come and talk to Eco Club about hedgehogs in Hornton! 

Hedgehogs in Hornton!

Hedgehogs have rapidly declined in the UK and there is a big drive to provide suitable habitats and food sources to increase numbers, Hornton is a perfect site, which already has a natural population of hedgehogs. Due to our location, we have a suitable site to provide a feeding station and the children have started the process of making one. Sally Chen-Compton has kindly offered to help ‘run’ the feeding station, which is located in the wildlife area of the school garden.

Further information about how you can hedgehogs will follow shortly!

Recycling and Energy

We are working to reduce the amount of waste we create. In each classroom, we have recycling, compost and normal rubbish bins.

We are also thinking more carefully about the energy we use. Here are ways in which we are making sure we can help to do this:
• Turn off the taps
• Keep doors shut
• Turn off lights
• Turn off whiteboards

Empties Please
We are now part of a great scheme which enables us with an easy way to raise funds for our school through recycling used ink cartridges.

We are working with a company called ‘Empties Please’ ( They collect and recycle used ink cartridge the environmentally friendly way and will donate the money raised back to us!

It’s very simple! All we have to do is collect used ink cartridges. You can fit quite a few cartridges into one recycling bag and then put them in our recycle bin (both located in the entrance to the school). They will even collect the bin when it’s full.

They will pay us £1 for each original manufacturer cartridge. The only catch is they cannot recycle Epson, Brother or ANY Toners. If any are returned, 75p per unit will be deducted from the value of your processed bin, therefore stopping us from raising as much money as possible!

If we become ‘Champion Collectors’, we can win other prizes for our school to make us even greener, anything from trees to hedgehog houses! The more cartridges we can collect the more we can raise, happy collecting!

Wildlife & Garden Area 

We have had a clear up at school and are currently working to restore and landscape our wildlife area. We are hoping to attract lots of wildlife, so we can help our local wildlife, but also so we can use it as a learning space too.
In March, we had the most amazing gang of people to come and help tidy the area up. Here are a few photos to show the transformation! We will keep you updated.