The HPS Reading Marathon

The HPS Reading Marathon Challenge is designed to give our children the opportunity to read a lot of different kinds of texts while developing a love of reading. It has two strands which are explained below:

The Reading Reward Challenge

Alongside the teaching of reading within our daily English lessons, reading interventions and group reading activities, it is so beneficial for your child to be reading at home and experiencing a range of different text types. As an idea to promote reading for pleasure within school and at home, we will be introducing a reward system for children who read at least four times a week or more.

All children have been given a reading diary, and although we do not expect parents to listen to their child read every single time they read, we would like you to sign under your child’s comment to acknowledge that they have read at home. It is more than acceptable for a child to write the title of what they are reading and what page they got up to and even better if they could make a comment about what they have read. However on some occasions, it would be beneficial for a parent or adult to ask their child questions about what they have read, asking their opinions on characters and their feelings or drawing on the meaning of vocabulary within the text. We will be asking children to bring in their reading diaries to school for teachers to have a look and sign on a Monday morning; we will return them on Monday afternoon. Below is an example of what this might look like.

Tuesday 25th Nov Child: I read up to page 13. A new character was introduced, her name is Jilly.
Wednesday 26th Nov Jilly is a mean character and doesn’t treat her friends well. Pg 22.
Friday 28th Nov Parent: (Child) read well today, they sounded out any unfamiliar words. (Child) now knows the meaning of inappropriate.
Sunday 28th Nov Child: Read to the end of chapter, really beginning to see what Jilly is like.

So how does the challenge work?
The ‘Reading Reward’ challenge begins at Level 1 and every child in school will take part. In order to complete Level 1 children need to read for a minimum of 4 times a week. If a term is 6 weeks long, the expectation is that the children will read 4 times a week for 5 weeks, if term is 8 weeks, then children should read for 7 weeks and so on. This reading needs to be recorded in the child’s reading diary and signed by an adult at home.

Teachers will be recording every time a child reads at home and the totals are added up at the end of term. Every child who reads for a minimum of 4 times a week at home for the given number of weeks in that term will receive a certificate and move onto the next level of the challenge. There are 6 levels over the course of an academic year. Every child who completes all 6 levels of the challenge will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the year to win a £20, £10 or £5 book token.

Reading Marathon Challenges

We are also introducing special ‘Bonus Level Challenges’. These special bonus levels run alongside the ‘Reading Rewards’ challenge and are open to any of the children who wish to take part. The first ‘Bonus Level’ challenge is a series of 9 reading activities, and is called the ‘5km challenge’. If the children complete all 9 activities, the children will be awarded 10 'effort marks'. The next challenge is the ‘10km challenge’, followed by the ‘half marathon challenge’ and finally the ‘marathon challenge’. All the ‘Bonus Level’ challenges are appropriate to the age and stage of the children, increase in difficulty as you complete each one and all of the levels have prizes and rewards at the end of them. The children can bring their completed challenges in whenever they have finished them and there is no time limit, so the children can complete them as fast or as slowly as they like.

The Challenges are below:

Foundation Stage&Key Stage 1

(Year 1 and 2)

Lower Key Stage 2

(Year 3 and 4)

Upper Key Stage 2

(Year 5 and 6)

5km Challenge 5km Challenge 5km Challenge
10km Challenge 10km Challenge 10km Challenge
Half Marathon Challenge Half Marathon Challenge Half Marathon Challenge
Full Marathon Challenge Full Marathon Challenge Full Marathon Challenge