Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Hornton Primary School.

Every thriving and successful school provides such an education for its pupils and there are many ways in which this may be done. There is no single pattern, no single mould, and no single formula for a successful school.

Hornton Primary School is distinctive just as every child is unique. We have our own values and vision of education, of the world around us, of ourselves and of our relationships with our past and our ethos, of what we strive to be. Within any one school, this vision may change over time and importantly, there is no magic defining ingredient for such a vision. Indeed, the values which help to determine each distinctive vision can and do differ.

At Hornton Primary School, we trust our teachers and teaching assistants  to create the best environment for teaching and learning in and beyond the classroom. In turn, our teachers give pupils responsibility and expect the highest standards from them, at work or play. They aim to develop compassion, self-awareness and independence of thought and spirit at the heart of our community. The values that we promote motivate these commitments.

In recent years, raising standards has become something of an obsession but raising standards should not be a driving aim. Rather this should be a consequence - a consequence of what happens when a school provides a good education and what happens when one realises to the full that all children are different and have different needs.

Education should be exciting, exacting, enriching and ennobling – you are most welcome to visit and see for yourself what HPS has to offer.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Matt Green