Hornton Primary School Choir

Our KS2 (Years 3-6) runs from 3.15-4.15pm at school on Monday afternoons, Terms 1-4. 

We sing a range of songs which may include solo parts or even in more than one part… We work on developing our musical skills thinking about rhythm and pitch, but most of all have a bit of fun along the way!


There will be no choir on Monday 19th October due to staff training. We will have a rehearsal during school hours during that week. 

There will be no choir on Monday 2nd November as it is an INSET day. We would like have an additional rehearsal on Thursday 5th November (3.15-4.15pm) to have a rehearsal as our Children Singing for Children will be taking place the following week (Monday 9th November), 

There will be no choir on Monday 16th November. There will potentially be a rehearsal during school hours that week. 

Choir will resume as normal (3.15-4.15pm) on Monday 23rd November

Choir Homework

In preparation for Children Singing for Children, please could your child:

Learn 'Count on Me' - they can sing along to a past recording from last year by clicking below. 

Learning the words to 'Children Singing for Children.

Learn words for 'Sing' - they could also find a clip on youtube to help them learn the melody.

Learn the wrds for World in Union ready to learn the tune next week. 

Past Performances

In 2015, terms 3 & 4 we performed to the school singing songs related to our whole school topic 'Chocolate'. Here are some of the songs we learnt and have recorded from a rehearsal.

Chocolate - a traditional children's Spanish song about a chocolate whisk!

Count on me - we thought this linked to how you can always count on chocolate as a treat!