Breakfast Club

Increasing numbers of children have not had anything to eat for breakfast before they arrive at school which can impact negatively on their learning and behaviour. The aims of a school breakfast club are to get children eating breakfast whilst socialising with their friends and taking part in interesting activities. 

There has been a lot in the media in recent months about school breakfast clubs and the important role they play in ensuring children eat a good breakfast before lessons start.

Studies have shown that breakfast clubs can improve punctuality, academic results, concentration and behaviour in pupils.  One charity, Magic Breakfast, have 228 breakfast clubs in deprived areas of the UK and feed 6,500 children daily.  They surveyed the teachers at these schools about the breakfast clubs and received very positive feedback:

  • 88% had seen improved attainment and attendance
  • 94% had seen more positive social skills
  • 93% saw improved concentration
  • 74% saw improved behaviour
  • 75% noticed improved relationships between the school and the parent

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers recently carried out a survey of teachers and support staff in primary and secondary schools and found that almost half (45%) of education staff believe that without a breakfast club, pupils who attend them wouldn’t have anything to eat before lessons.  According to 77% of respondents, making sure pupils eat the most important meal of the day means that pupil’s concentration is better while 71% say it also improves their ability to learn.  Over three-quarters (77%) stated that pupils attend a breakfast club because their parent or carer has to go to work early and needs to leave them at school.  With many parents now working full-time, many are relying on school breakfast clubs to ensure their children eat in the morning.

Our Breakfast Club takes place every school day from 8:00 to 8:45. It costs £3 per session. If you wish to use this service we ask parents to book in advance using the booking form below